Our 2021 Officers

Our officers are elected into office at our November membership meeting. Each officer is officially sworn in at our January membership meeting. They are elected for one year.

President ~
Robert Lengfelder

The president oversees the entire organization. He guides and leads our organization's meetings, represents our organization at other club events, works closely with our executive committee and follows up on committe projects.

1st Vice-President ~ Jenette Goecke

Our 1st vice-president oversees all of our organization's fests. She is the master of ceremonies at our events. She works closely with the other officers and takes over if the President is absent.

Our 2nd vice-president oversees all of our organization's kitchen needs. She verifies with the kitchen committee that menus for all events are set.  She works closely with the other officers.

2nd Vice-President ~ Blanca Tilli

Our 3rd vice-president oversees all of our organization's bar needs. He verifies with the bar committee that everything is in working order for all events and meetings. He works closely with the other officers.

3rd Vice-President ~ Bernie Heurich
Secretary ~ 
Elvira Geist

The secretary takes minutes at all of our meetings. She also collects the mail and reads anything that is pertanent for the members at our general membership meeting.

Treasurer ~
Andrea Katzenmayer

Our treasurer oversees all of our financial needs. She pays all the organization's bills, reimburses monies, prepares a budget and works closely with the Finance Committee.

Communications Secretary ~ Laura Casey

Our communications secretary oversees all publicity for the organization. She correspondes between individuals and other organizations about events and news worthy information.