We are German-Americans located in Illinois who enjoy celebrating the German culture.  We are very proud of our heritage, music, folk dances and good German food. In the past we have assisted and helped many who were not so fortunate and suffered terribly.  We are grateful people and thankful to be living in this blessed country. Come join us in fellowship for the common good and for the support of our communities.  Visit us at any of our festivities found on this website and enjoy real German "Gemuetlichkeit".

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This page was last updated: May 17, 2014
Jugendlager 2013

The Jugendgruppe hosted this year's Jugendlager. The Jugendlager is held once a year at various Landes organizations. It is a four day event in which jugend from all over North America have the opportunity to learn more about their Donauschwaben culture. Everyone arrived on a Thursday evening and then set up camp. On Friday we headed downtown Chicago for a tour of the Willis Tour, a city tour on a double decker bus or trolley, walked around the city and then headed back to Lake Villa. On Saturday, the Jugend learned how to make wurst, potato salad and pretzels. They also learned about the history of our ancestors, received a tour of our museum and learned a new dance and new songs. It was a jam packed weekend but also a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone who came and helped out. It was much appreciated! 
Click here for some pictures.
So many events and 
so little time to enjoy them all!

Labor Day Weekend - Detroit
Thanks to the Carpathia Club for hosting such a fun weekend! Click here for pictures!
German Day Weekend
The club enjoys marching in the parade and the kids all love to dance on this great weekend! Click here for pictures!
Once again Oktoberfest has come and gone! Thanks to eveyone who supported the club!
Click here for pictures!
Congratulations to Karina and Joey and Kelsey and Matthew on winning this year's Kirchweih strauss! Click here for pictures!
Christmas Program
The Kindergruppe and Jugendgruppe did a great job singing!Click here for pictures. 
Everyone had a great meal and enjoyed some yummy homemade cookies! Click here for pictures!
Our first event of 2014 was the Jugendgruppe's annual Spingo night! Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti, meatballs, salad, garlic bread and dessert. The bingo games began after dinner. Not everyone was a winner, but a great time was had by all.  Click here for more pictures.
BRAVO to our kitchen staff on preparing such a delicious meal for our Spring Banquet! The schnitzel and rouladen were fabulous. Bravo to the kinder and jugendgruppe on your wonderful performances. Click here to see pictures.